Five Ways Criminals Con You Out of Your Cash

Posted on 12/4/2013 by |AARP Executive Vice President | Comments

Money & SavingsIf you have money, scammers have a way to take it from you. Con artists talk about getting their victims so emotionally charged up that they are unable to think logically. They call it “under the ether,” and it is how they play on hope, fear and empathy to defraud their victims. Find out how to protect yourself from five common scams with staying power. Sweetheart. Savvy scammers do their homework, tailoring their false identity to target their victims, and …

In $300 Million Estate, Lawyers Lose a Piece of the Action

Posted on 10/1/2013 by |Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayMost of us don’t have $300 million to leave behind when we pass on. But for those who do, it’s no surprise when there’s a fight over their wills. And when they leave most of their estate to charities and caretakers instead of family members? Bring on the trusts and estates lawyers. A couple of weeks ago, I told you about Huguette Clark, the New York City heiress who died after living for 20 years in a hospital room, treating …

The Takeaway: Boomer Volunteers Needed

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Bulletin TodayAs more boomers transition from full-time employment to “retirement”—whatever that may mean these days—charities see an opportunity to capitalize on some of their newfound free time.

It’s the Donor’s Money

Posted on 02/6/2012 by |Philanthropy & Fundraising | Comments

Money & SavingsHave you ever noticed that when you buy a tube of toothpaste from the grocery store, that you never think the money you spend still belongs to you? Fact: you exchanged the money for the toothpaste. Toothpaste belongs to you and the money belongs to the store you bought it from. Quid pro quo, tit for tat, or as some say, “We’re square.” Not so with donations! After 23 years in fundraising, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve …

Should we Celebrate Thanksgiving Four Times a Year?

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Home & Family | VolunteeringThanksgiving has many meanings to many different people. Hands down it is my favorite holiday. I love the simple beauty of coming together to share food and fellowship. Although I am not a big shopper, I recognize that many people look forward to the day after Thanksgiving as much as if not more than they do the holiday itself. In some ways it has become its own holiday. Where I work they list it on the official list of holidays …

Volunteer? Or hang with the in-laws?

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VolunteeringDonation to charities are down, and lots of people say volunteering is important but far fewer actually do it.