Hey Cheapskates, What’s the Best Deal You’ve Scored?

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Money & SavingsIf you spend as much time hanging out with frugal folks as I do, you quickly realize a few things about them. First, they tend to be a pretty happy lot. I think that’s because they’re not all stressed out about money, like a lot of people these days. They usually live debt-free or close to it, and so they don’t have those worries like so many Americans.

Music to My Ears: “I Got It for FREE!”

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Money & SavingsEconomist Milton Friedman famously said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” At the other end of the spectrum are cheapskates like me, who truly believe “The best things in life are free.” This week’s Savings Challenge involves proving Milton Friedman wrong. We’ve been sharing  stories of the best freebies we’ve ever scored in our Savings Challenge Community. Some people have won things in a contest. Others have found things on the side of the road. Maybe your favorite freebie is …

Free Is Truly Priceless

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Money & SavingsLet Free Stuff Ring! That’s the rallying cry for the Week 3 “I Got It for FREE!” Saving Challenge kicking off today. I have to admit that occasionally I get a touch of TE (“Tightwad Envy”). People really have scored some incredible free stuff. Then again, I’ve always done alright myself when it comes to free stuff. Under the “priceless” category, there are the six precious kittens that have brightened our lives over the years, all found as strays or …

My Good-Enough-For-Company Cheapskate Dessert

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Money & SavingsSince we’re in the midst of the October Savings Challenge—where I’ve vowed to try to pay less than full price for everything I buy this month—I was nervous about our plans to have another couple over for dinner this weekend. I managed to put together a pretty tasty menu for our little dinner party using ingredients I either had on hand or bought on sale. It really wasn’t that hard. But since National Dessert Day is upon us—and this week’s Savings …

A Sweet Savings Challenge: Make a Delicious Dessert for Less

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Money & SavingsIn honor of National Dessert Day (October 14), for this week’s Savings Challenge we want you to cook one of your favorite desserts—and give us the recipe—BUT we want you to find creative ways to cook it for less. That’s right: All entries will be judged both on how delicious they taste and how much you saved by getting a little creative. Find all the details on the Week 2 “Dessert Day” Savings Challenge—along with tips on how you might …

Saving Gets Better With Age

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Money & SavingsIn keeping with this week’s “Frugal Fun” Savings Challenge, I wanted to share a story of my own about how you can have fun without paying full price. Emma, our 13-year old niece from Ohio, was visiting my wife and me here in Maryland back in August. It was sort of the last hurrah of Emma’s summer vacation. One evening Denise, my long-suffering wife, took Emma to a minor league baseball game. Both girls are avid baseball fans, so they …