5 Tips for Being a Charitable Cheapskate

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Money & SavingsAnybody who knows me personally or has read what I write realizes that while I make a sport out of pinching pennies, I don’t condone being a cheapskate when it comes to giving to charity or helping those in need.  And there are a lot of “charitable cheapskates” out there like me: When I surveyed 300+ proud, self-proclaimed cheapskates for my last book, I found that on average they donated more than twice as much to charity as the typical …

Shopping for the Cheapskate Chef

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Money & SavingsEverybody in my family knows that I love to cook (cheapskate-style, of course).  So for holiday gifts, people often give me kitchen utensils or small cooking appliances.  Now, I love my family dearly and appreciate the thoughtfulness behind their gifts, but I like to keep things simple in my kitchen. I’m not big fan of novelty kitchen gadgets that just take up space. Do I really need a special tool to remove olive pits, AND another one to remove cherry pits? But …

Gift Wrapping, Cheapskate Style

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Money & SavingsDid you know that we spend about $2.9 billion every year on gift wrapping paper and supplies according to Hallmark? And of course most of it ends up being throw way after the holidays, which is one reason why between Thanksgiving and New Year’s we generate an extra one million tons of garbage every week. Consider these creative gift wrapping alternatives to save some cash and tread a little lighter on the environment this holiday season: Wrapping gifts in the colorful …

Cheapskate’s Smoked Salmon

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Money & SavingsWhen I made it for the holidays the first year after we were married, Denise emerged from the kitchen with a look on her face that shouted “Who the heck did I marry?” “Honey,” she said, “why are there bricks in our refrigerator?” “What?” I said, trying to hide a grin.  “I thought those were yours.  I mean, don’t you know that masonry products should always be refrigerated?”

Hey Cheapskates, What’s the Best Deal You’ve Scored?

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Money & SavingsIf you spend as much time hanging out with frugal folks as I do, you quickly realize a few things about them. First, they tend to be a pretty happy lot. I think that’s because they’re not all stressed out about money, like a lot of people these days. They usually live debt-free or close to it, and so they don’t have those worries like so many Americans.

Shelter from the Storm (and a good book to go with it)

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Money & SavingsI’ve always spent a lot of time at public libraries. America’s 17,000+ public libraries are truly a cheapskate’s paradise. Where else can you have free access to literally hundreds of thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs and so much more? Sure we pay for them with our tax dollars, but libraries are a bargain even a cheapskate can afford. Recently I gained a whole new appreciation for my beloved local library here in southern Maryland. The morning after Hurricane …