Melamine Bowls Release Chemical in Hot Soup

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthA steamy bowl of soup on a wintry day is a true comfort, but you might want to make sure your hot soup is served in a ceramic or glass bowl instead of plastic. A small but unsettling study finds that those colorful hard, plastic bowls made from melamine release a chemical when filled with hot food, increasing the risk of kidney stones. In a pilot study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers in Taiwan found that volunteers …

What price are we paying for perfect lawns?

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Personal Health Here’s another frightening example of the lack of prudent examination BEFORE new chemicals are put on the market.  Introduced in 2010 as an eco-friendly weed killer for lawns, this one is responsible for killing or damaging hundreds of thousands of trees. “Weeks after homeowners and lawn care professionals began applying the new product on lawns, golf courses and cemeteries around the country in the spring last year, many trees on those properties, primarily conifers, started turning brown and dying. By August, DuPont had …