11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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11 Things | Bulletin TodayNews, discoveries and … fun 1. Brits are reviving an unusual hobby — stuffing mice and arranging them in human-like poses. (Learn more at NY Times) 2. Men’s faces evolved in a way that maximizes protection during fistfights. (Learn more at Washington Post) 3. A wool fitness mat with embedded sensors and LED lights can help you perfect yoga poses and record progress. (Learn more at Wired) >> Get travel discounts with your AARP Member Advantages. 4. Bulletproof blankets have been developed to …

Say Happy Birthday to Two ‘Nonagenarian’ Chimps

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Bulletin TodayAs a kid growing up in Indianapolis, nothing excited me more than the thought of piling into the family station wagon for a trip to the big city: Chicago. Our favorite destination in the Windy City, hands down, was the Lincoln Park Zoo. There I would gaze in absolute wonderment at Bushman, the world-famous, fierce-visaged gorilla, who stood 6 foot 2 and weighed in at 550 pounds. Before his sudden death in 1951 at the tender age of 22, Bushman …