Baseball Brings People (and Places) Together

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Great PlacesI am a lifelong baseball fan. I grew up going with my dad to Yankees Stadium and watching Whitey Ford throw fastballs. Decades later, when the Montreal Expos brought baseball back to Washington, D.C., and became the Nationals, I threw my support behind them. And even though my Nats didn’t live up to the media hype of this season, I’ll be with them through thick and thin. Over the past 20 years, cities across the country have been developing baseball …

High-Speed Networks Give Communities an Age-Friendly Advantage

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Public Policy InstituteAffordable access to high-speed Internet networks provides communities with a powerful platform to help meet the challenges — and take advantage of the opportunities — associated with an aging population. This approach to community development deserves more attention from supporters of both age-friendly communities and community broadband networks. High-speed Internet connectivity enables a growing array of applications and services that create and enhance opportunities for health, participation and independence for older Americans.  A recent AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI) report …

Save Money With Public Bike Sharing Programs

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Money & SavingsIf you’ve traveled to many cities or college towns in the last couple of years, you’ve probably noticed fleets of nearly identical bicycles all parked together like a herd of dairy cows at feeding time. Bike sharing programs have been commonplace in many other countries for a decade or even longer, and they’re finally arriving here.  More than 30 American cities and towns now have public bike sharing programs. New York City boasts the nation’s largest program, with 6,000 bicycles …

Is Your Community Retirement Ready?

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Great PlacesWhen you purchased your home, I bet you believed you would live there forever.  Wanting to remain in your home throughout your life is a very common desire.  Whenever AARP asks our members in surveys whether they wish to remain in their homes as they age, the response is overwhelmingly yes, with nearly 90% of all respondents responding so. The good news is that many communities are working with residents, community partners, civics, chambers of commerce, and AARP to encourage …

The Takeaway: Santorum Takes Louisiana; Communities Ill-Prepared for Aging Boomers

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Bulletin TodayOlder voters fueled a Rick Santorum victory in Louisiana’s GOP primary. Plus: Why are U.S. communities so ill-prepared for an aging boomer population?

The Takeaway: Debt Ceiling; Aging Cities; Betty Ford

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Bulletin TodayStill deadlocked, despite Sunday night meeting. With three weeks to go before the government can no longer borrow money to meet its obligations, President Obama and Congressional leaders are still without an agreement on how to raise the nation’s debt ceiling limit.