Citizen Kane

Judith Crist and The Persistence of Wisdom

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LegacyMovie critics are not, by and large, a nurturing lot. We make snarky comments before screenings, gossip about celebrities, and pool our collective genius for annual Best of the Year awards. It’s the rare critic who takes a younger colleague under his or her wing. I have no idea if legendary critic Judith Crist, who died at age 90 on August 7, ever consciously guided a fledgling critic along, but she did have a profound impact on me, one spring …

Hugo on DVD: Will You Please See it Now??

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EntertainmentWell, I hope you’re satisfied. Martin Scorsese’s Hugo arrived on DVD and BluRay this week, and at that moment you missed out on any chance that you’ll ever get to see it the way it was meant to be experienced: On a floor-to-ceiling movie theater screen in glorious 3-D. Forget the film’s 11 Oscar nominations (and five wins) and the countless “Best Director” awards that were heaped upon Scorsese. The inconvenient fact remains that Hugo wasn’t seen by very many …