Siri, Who Is Siri?

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Bulletin Today | Technology“When I first discovered that was my voice, to be honest it was a little creepy.” That’s Susan C. Bennett, identified today by CNN as the voice of Siri, Apple’s talking virtual assistant. At least she was the voice of Siri in the United States before two different voices began to replace her as part of Apple’s new operating system. Apple won’t confirm the news, but CNN enlisted a vocal forensics expert, who is “100 percent” certain that Bennett is …

‘Our Nixon’: History in Home Movies

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EntertainmentNext year marks the 40th anniversary of the culmination of the Watergate scandal, which ended in the summer of 1974 when Richard Nixon defiantly boarded a helicopter on the White House lawn and left his presidency — and the American public’s trust in their government — smoldering on the ground below. Nixon died in 1994 — he would have turned 100 this year — but his legacy remains a living, breathing entity. The latest entry in Nixonography is the documentary Our …

Larry King Signs Off

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EntertainmentPic via WireImage/Getty This week, cable pioneer Larry King signs off from his CNN show after 25 years of incredible interviews and commentary. Via Lorrie Lynch at AARP: At the height of his success, he had 1.6 million nightly viewers, wrote a weekly column of quirky observations (which I edited for a short time) in the nationally circulated USA TODAY, and appeared as himself in 1990s movies like Dave and Bullworth. As he goes out, King ranks third in his …

Older workers more likely to experience long-term unemployment

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WorkA piece on CNNMoney last week takes on long-term unemployment, and how those still looking for a job years after the recession hit are coping. The part we found interesting in particular discussed how older workers are more likely to be out of work for longer: Shierholz said the exceptionally large number of older workers who are unemployed is also a major factor. Statistics show it is tougher for anyone (regardless of age) who has been unemployed more than six …

Move Over Baby Boomers – Cuspers Are Here!

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Your LifeA CNN opinion piece presents new thoughts on younger generations and their influence.