How Do I Transition My OCD Fiancé Into a New Homelife Together?

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RelationshipsQ: My fiancé and I are planning to marry after dating for five years. We are both 50. I was previously married for 22 years, but he has never been married. In fact he has never left the childhood home he shares with his sister. He is also borderline OCD, but we have managed to build a wonderful relationship by working at it slowly. I’m so worried about how the transition to married life will go, especially since he will …

He Said He Was Going to Leave Her … If Only!

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Home & Family | RelationshipsQ: I’ve been living with my boyfriend for nearly seven years. When we moved into together he was married but asked me to marry him—he said he was getting a divorce as soon as possible … that didn’t happen. He said his young daughter would not make it through a divorce and wanted to wait until she was 18. Instead, his wife filed and they’ve been in the process for about 18 months. In the meantime, she let their house …