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1 in 3 men too fat to see their you know what

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthMen, when you take off your clothes and look down, can you see your, um, manhood? If you can’t, you’re too fat. That’s the crude but effective test a British health-advocacy group says can let men know they have too much dangerous belly fat. The campaign is dubbed The Big Check and is based on the group’s  survey of 1,000 British men ages 35 through 60 that found that one in three couldn’t see their genitals because the view was …

Aspirin Helps Some Colon Cancer Patients Live Longer

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIt’s one of the oldest, cheapest drugs around, which makes it even more remarkable that humble aspirin helped dramatically cut the death rate among people with a specific kind of colon cancer, compared with those who didn’t take aspirin, new research shows. Harvard researchers in a large, government-funded study found that among patients whose tumors had a PIK3CA gene mutation — the cause of about 15 to 20 percent of colorectal tumors — regularly taking aspirin cut the risk of …

Costly Anesthesia: Waking Up To High Colonoscopy Bills

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThe costly issue of receiving anesthesia during a colonoscopy has become a hot topic. While gastroenterologists often let patients decide how much sedation they’d like when they have the procedure, a growing number of patients are discovering that they’ve been put under by an anesthesiologist, or nurse anesthetist, who then charges extra for their services. In some cases, this can leave the patient with unexpected bills that may not be covered or only partly covered by their insurer. As National …

A Laxative-Free, Virtual Colonoscopy? It Could Happen Soon

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThink of it: A virtual colonoscopy that doesn’t require a day spent taking laxatives and being sequestered in the bathroom, and doesn’t use that lovely little camera-probe inserted where the sun don’t shine. Sign me up, you might say. Yeah, well, not so fast. First, it’s still being studied. And second, it’s almost — but not quite — as accurate as the traditional colonoscopy that does require all that prep work. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine …

The Takeaway: Aspirin Cuts Bowel Cancer Risk; GPS Shoes For Patients With Dementia

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Bulletin TodayPatients who took 600 mg of aspirin daily for two years were 63 percent less likely to get colorectal cancer than those who took a placebo. New GPS sneakers were designed mainly with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in mind.

The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

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Bulletin TodayCasey Anthony confession video? Beware: If you come across a link promising a video of Casey Anthony confessing to killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, you should pass. It’s a fake. Or more specifically, it’s a scam. The link, showing up all over Facebook, reads: “BREAKING NEWS – Leaked video of CASEY ANTHONY confessing to lawyers. Click To See – She can’t be re-tried, double jeopardy[sic]…OJ all over again!”