The Takeaway: Ivy League Janitor Graduates

Gac Filipaj, 52, has worked as a janitor at Columbia University for X years. During this time, Filipaj””a refugee from war-torn Yugoslavia””took advantage of the free classes offered to employees to first learn English and then earn a bachelor’s degree in classics.

Social Security Lessons for Media from AARP Members

This week the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) scolded the media for their coverage of Social Security in a piece called How the Media Has Shaped the Social Security Debate.  Trudy Lieberman writes “For nearly three years CJR has observed that much of the press has reported only one side of this story using ‘facts’ that are misleading or flat-out wrong while ignoring others.” The piece helps underscore a key reason AARP has launched You’ve Earned a Say: to raise the …