Geoffrey Holder: Much More than a 7Up Pitchman

TV commercials for 7Up made a powerful impression on us in the 1970s and ’80s in large part because of the pitchman: A handsome gentleman clad in an elegant white suit and hat, who spoke in stentorian tones infused with a Caribbean lilt. Lounging in a straw chair, Geoffrey Holder touted the no-caffeine virtues of the “Uncola” as he poured and sipped a glass of the bubbly beverage, and at the end, drove home his point by leaning back his …

Are Ageist Smartphone Commercials a Dumb Move?

If you watch TV, by now you’ve probably seen the pool-party commercial for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. The spot shows hip college-age revelers befuddling their iPhone-using elders with all of the phone’s flashy technology – such as the AirView feature that allows users to answer the phone by sweeping their fingers over the screen without actually touching it, a camera mode that allows them to take rapid-fire pictures of moving objects and an app that transforms the phone …

Super Bowl: Top 5 Car Commercials

Sunday’s Super Bowl featured some intense competition-and not just between the Giants and the Patriots. As usual, advertisers went above and beyond, showcasing creative, elaborate (read: expensive), and celebrity-infused ads. It’s no surprise that the auto industry had a strong presence during the big game, and nearly every commercial break featured at least one car commercial. Here are five of the most memorable:

Super Bowl Commercials: Ad Up

Despite the tough times many companies are going through, advertisers lined up to pay huge sums for ads during the Super Bowl.