Our Low-Tech High Court

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Bulletin TodayAt 53, Elena Kagan is the youngest justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. The oldest is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who turned 80 on March 15. The average age of sitting justices is 67 years 4 months. Technology has changed a lot in the 27 years since Antonin Scalia took his seat on the court. The typical Fortune 500 CEO (average age: 55) might find it odd that the justices have all but shunned modern methods of communication. As Kagan explained …

Born With The Boomers: Aging Technology

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TechnologyFellow AARP blogger Alejandra asked me if it would be interesting to collect a list of consumer technologies that were also born during the boomer generation years of 1946-1964. I found plenty of useful long lists, but to my delight, I rediscovered Karl Hartig‘s incredible chart from the late 1990s showing key milestones and events in the adoption of consumer electronics. Loading the high resolution version in my web browser, I savored the fascinating details of the chart in a long sitting. In …