How Innovative Businesses Serve the Community

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Great PlacesWhat do Columbus, Ind., and Las Vegas have in common? On the surface — geography, size, weather — not much. But after visiting each of these cities this summer, I discovered a common thread: Both have benefited from corporate visionaries who employed innovation and philanthropy in their communities to attract a world-class workforce. Columbus, Ind., population 45,000, has long been known as headquarters to manufacturing companies — most notably, Cummins Engine Co. But what may surprise you is that Columbus is also …

Transportation for Older Adults Requires a Tapestry of Funding Sources

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Public Policy Institute“We desperately need that service in our community, but how do we fund it?” is a common complaint I hear across the country as communities try to meet the growing demand for transportation services. A recent publication, Weaving It Together: A Tapestry of Transportation Funding for Older Adults, addresses this important question. The report by the AARP Public Policy Institute highlights seven case studies that show how transportation providers in diverse communities combine federal grants with state, local and private-sector …

Indianapolis Cultural Trail: Known by Few, Used by Many

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Great PlacesIf there were an award for the most under-appreciated trail network, Indianapolis would be a contender. Home to some of the fastest race cars on earth, many Hoosiers leave their cars behind to enjoy the city’s futuristic people-mover system, or to walk and bike on what is undoubtedly one of the best trail systems in America. Earlier this year, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail opened with eight miles of great places to bike and walk. The Cultural Trail is a uniquely …

The Real Retired Housewives of Cheyenne? Why not?

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Home & FamilyEach year our esteemed magazine ranks its 10 best places for what have you: to retire abroad, to live the simple life, to live a healthy life and so on. This year’s list piqued my interest: The 10 most affordable cities for retirement.  Now, I’m a couple sawbucks away from retirement, but I’m all for getting a head start on some research.