How to Avoid Robocall Scams

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsAt least one of every five phone calls now made is a robocall, and many are the work of scammers. You may hate these automated annoyances, but scammers love them: They’re cheap, far-reaching and hard to trace. No surprise that the Federal Trade Commission receives some 200,000 complaints about these calls each month. Here’s what you need to know: 1. If they’re selling, assume they’re scamming. Fraudsters may tout “free” in their recorded messages, but ask yourself this: Since when …

Tax Scammers Up Ante With Robocalls

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsIn the four months since it made history as “the largest scam of its kind,” a now infamous IRS imposter telephone scam has escalated with a recent new spin. As fraudsters continue to pose as agents with that agency or the U.S. Treasury Department in “live” calls that threaten arrest or deportation, along with the seizure of property, businesses and driver’s licenses, they’ve recently upped the ante to now also incorporate robocalls in this widespread ruse. Either way, the story is …

Beware: ‘Ransomware’ Is Now Attacking Macs

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyCybercrooks have upped their game in the common “ransomware” scam, in which your screen displays a bogus FBI message accusing you of watching child pornography or another illegal online activity — and then freezes your computer until a “fine” is paid. Since last year, this scam has primarily targeted PC users. But now, the real FBI warns that the latest targets include Macs running the OSX operating system.  And there are additional campaigns against PCs in which other federal agencies …