3 Reasons Why Net Neutrality Matters to Americans of All Ages, Not Just the Youngest

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Media Relations | Politics | TechnologyBy Jessica Winn As the song goes, “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” Net neutrality could be the best thing we didn’t realize we had until it’s gone. Network or net neutrality, also called “open Internet,” is the Internet as we know it. That is, an Internet that allows users to search for gardening techniques, stream reruns of Knight Rider or Skype with a grandchild without having to pay a service toll or an extra premium. The …

More States Hang Up on Telecom Complaints

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Public Policy InstituteEach year, tens of thousands of frustrated consumers contact their state utility commission when they have a problem with a telecommunications provider. Most turn to the commission after unsuccessfully attempting to resolve the issue with their company. Utility commissions traditionally have the expertise and authority to resolve disputes fairly and effectively, as well as the capacity to work with consumers on an individual basis. We Can’t Hear You Now However, a growing number of states have recently decided to take …