Cosmetic surgery after 50

How to Get Great Cosmetic Surgery at 50

Posted on 03/7/2014 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionOK, what happened to Kim Novak’s and Goldie Hawn’s faces? That’s the post-Oscar chatter we can’t get enough of. Top NYC cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Rosenberg says, “It’s always a scary vision for patients and doctors to see aesthetics gone awry. It creates a fear factor. Bad facelifts are not accidents — the surgeon’s judgment is off.” Recently I’ve been catching up with friends I haven’t seen all winter. Their faces are taut as plastic wrap, their lips look  Joker-like …

All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Eyes Lifted

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Beauty & FashionI mean it! Applying eye makeup has recently become a drag: My formerly firm peepers suddenly look saggy and crinkled. So, what are my options? a) ignore it and try to age gracefully (not my natural instinct); b) wear fabulous glasses with pastel lenses, à la Diane Keaton (maybe); c) continue to do my “smoky-eye thing” and hope I look like an aging French movie star (very possible); or d) get an eye lift (I’m thinking about it!). According to …