9 Things to Look for in the President’s Budget

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PoliticsThe GOP-controlled House of Representatives approved a budget proposal first. Then came a very different document from the Democratic-controlled Senate. Now thousands more pages of numbers will land with a thud on Capitol Hill on April 10. It’s the president’s annual budget proposal. Unless you’re an underemployed CPA or an incurable policy wonk, you probably won’t want to wade through all that. So here’s a short checklist of what you should watch for in the budget: A chained CPI. This twist on …

Measly Social Security COLA Announced for 2013

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsYou won’t be rolling in dough with next year’s Social Security cost-of-living adjustment at 1.7 percent — about $21 a month more for people collecting the average retirement benefit of $1,236. [See our full story on the COLA]. Some 56 million beneficiaries will see the increase in their payments beginning in January. It’s one of the lowest since Social Security COLAs were adopted in 1975. Not to add insult to injury, but that $21 is likely to be reduced by a …

Social Security Recipients Can Expect Tiny COLA

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsSocial Security recipients, don’t get your hopes up. Next year’s cost-of-living adjustment will raise benefits by 1.5 percent to 1.7 percent starting in January, about half of this year’s 3.6 percent hike, according to an estimate from the American Institute for Economic Research. Economists at the AIER made their prediction less than two weeks before the Social Security Administration announces the official COLA on Oct. 16. The COLA won’t be enough to cover higher prices for food and other everyday purchases, …