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Debt Is a Taboo Conversation Topic

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Money & SavingsAs a young adult, my parents taught me to never discuss religion or politics in a social setting, especially if you know and like the other people in the room. I’ve since learned that sex is often included along with religion and politics in the trifecta of taboo polite conversation topics. Trust me, growing up 50 years ago in the farmlands of Ohio it went without saying that sex wasn’t something you talked about in public (or even in private, for that …

Hundreds Defrauded in Debt Settlement Scheme

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsMore than 1,000 people struggling with credit-card debt turned to a debt-settlement company for help. Instead of using the consumers’ $2.2 million in fees to pay their creditors, the company’s owner and employees purchased luxury car leases and other goods, according to a federal indictment unsealed in New York Tuesday. The criminal indictment, reported by USA Today, says Mission Settlement in New York, its owner Michael Levitis, and three employees were charged with using their customers’ fees to pay for …

Put Down That Credit Card Or We’ll Face $50 Billion In New Debt

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsWhipping out that credit card to pay for purchases may be just a little too effortless. And if we keep up our spending habits, the country’s on track to wrack up $50 billion in new credit card debt by the end of this year. on Friday released its Credit Card Debt Study for the first quarter of 2012. It found that despite paying down nearly $36 billion in credit card debt during the first quarter of the year, we’re on a …

The Takeaway: Americans Okay With Their Overspending

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Bulletin TodayIt seems a lot of Americans are okay with spending beyond their means from time to time. A new survey conducted by COUNTRY Financial found 52 percent of respondents periodically spend more than they earn in a given month. Yet only 9 percent believe their lifestyle is more than they can afford.

A Lifetime of Debt

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Money & SavingsGrowing up 40 years ago, one of my favorite pastimes was playing The Game of Life, the classic Milton Bradley board game that takes players through their simulated lives – from college to retirement – with make believe jobs, families, and other life-changers all along the way.  It was always a lot fun to play, and it gave me a chance to fantasize a little about what my own real-life future might be like. The other day I ran across …