There’s a New ID Theft Victim Every 2 Seconds

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsAbout the time it takes to read this sentence, another three people have become victims of identity theft. A victim is created every two seconds, according to a new survey by Javelin Strategy & Research Study. The California-based research group reported some troublesome statistics: The number of ID theft victims last year reached 13.1 million, up by more than 500,000 from the previous year. And more than one of four cases involved “account takeover fraud.” >> Sign up for the AARP …

Meet the Medicare Fraud-Fighters

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Bulletin TodayFor many older Americans, Medicare has been a life-saver — literally. And, over its 47-year-old history, the government health care initiative has allowed countless more Americans to lived longer and healthier lives. That’s the good news. The not-so-good? Some doctors, pharmacies and other providers try to steal from Medicare by overbilling or submitting fraudulent charges for reimbursement. >> Sign up for the AARP Money newsletter That’s where the Medicare Fraud Strike Force (don’t you just love that name?) comes in. …

Do You Think the Justice System Is Biased? Depends on Your Age

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsIs there bias in the U.S. criminal justice system? Unpublished data from a recent Gallup poll point up marked differences in views divided not only by race but also by age. Forty-one percent of 18- to 29-year-olds thought the justice system was biased against blacks. The number dropped to 32 percent for 50- to 64-year-olds and to 26 percent for age 65 and older. (That 15 percentage point difference between the oldest and youngest generations has narrowed by 21 points …