Cruise Tips: Keys to Smooth Sailing

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TravelI have 10 cruises under my belt — enough so that I’ve developed a protocol that helps me start enjoying myself as soon as I’m on board. Here’s what I do. I always bring a carry-on. That huge bag I packed might not be delivered to my room for hours (and I know it’ll have to be ready to go again the night before the cruise ends). In a carry-on, I’ll have the things I want to use immediately: swimsuit, …

Scared of Puking On Your Cruise? Don’t Be.

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TravelWe just spent seven stunningly beautiful nights sailing Alaska’s Inside Passage aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line Pearl. Unfortunately, many baby boomers won’t even consider such a cruise because they are afraid of sea sickness. If that fear is holding you back, take a peek at this short video: David and Carol Porter are contributors on the AARP blog, blog regularly at and keep us updated on their travels via their Facebook Account. Do you have any sea sickness tips? …

The Roaming Boomers: Dressing for Alaska

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TravelWe are about to head off on our very first Alaskan cruise where we will be exploring Alaska’s Inside Passage. Yeah! As we contemplate our trip, one of the first things that comes to mind is what to pack for an Alaska cruise? Are we thinking Eskimo fashion with mukluks, long undies, and a caribou-skin coat, or swimsuits and shorts? We spent a fair amount of time scouring websites, the cruise line’s FAQs, and here is what we learned: