Traveling With Frail Parents: A Tour Company Makes It Easy

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CaregivingWhen my parents were frail and I was a family caregiver, I had no idea that there was a way I could have taken a trip with them. Beyond a trip to the doctor, that is! If we had gone on a vacation together,  I would have wanted time to myself or with my husband doing activities that were too arduous for them. I know, though, that I would have felt selfish and/or too exhausted to enjoy the trip. I recently …

Are Cruises Safe? Senate Investigates Recent Fires

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Bulletin Today | TravelBy Jessica Gresko of The Associated Press The presidents of Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International defended their industry and their practices to senators Wednesday following two recent high-profile fires that damaged ships. In February, Carnival’s ship Triumph was left without power in the Gulf of Mexico after an engine room fire. Thousands of passengers endured squalid conditions while the ship was towed to Mobile, Ala. “We really seriously put our guests in an uncomfortable position and that bothers …

The Takeaway: The New Assisted Living

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Bulletin TodayRetirement Resorts: Aging retirees of yore may have moved in with family, headed to a Sun Belt retirement community or took up residence in an assisted living facility. Today’s retirees? According to the Wall Street Journal, they’re living on cruise ships, in spas, at “fully staffed homes in Costa Rica,” shared houses with other retirees or in “backyard bungalows” on adult children’s property.

Vacation on a Budget

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Money & SavingsAlthough times are tough, the summer tends to trigger the “travel itch” – you know, that sense of urgency to get out of town immediately to a sun-drenched vacation consisting of laying out by a pool and sipping on piña coladas all day. So how can we quench our vacation thirst without spending all of our retirement savings? Well, it looks like Peter Greenburg has some answers for us. An inquiry led Greenburg to give tips on how to find …