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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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11 Things | Bulletin TodayNews, discoveries and … fun 1. Two artists in Brooklyn are living in a giant hamster wheel. (Learn more at Huffington Post) 2. A simple blood test predicts 9 times out of 10 who will develop dementia. (Learn more at AARP) 3. Elephants can tell men from women and friends from foes by listening to their voices. (Learn more at Discovery) 4. Rolling Stone Keith Richards has written a children’s book about his first guitar. (Learn more at AARP) 5. William …

Dalai Lama Opens Senate Session With a Prayer

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Bulletin TodayThe 14th Dalai Lama, the exiled Buddhist spiritual leader of Tibet, opened the U.S. Senate session on March 6 with a prayer, which Senate Historian Don Ritchie believes to be a first for a Buddhist. Also known as Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama, 78, spoke first in the Tibetan language, then in English. “With our thoughts we make our world,” the prayer began. “Our mind is central and precedes our deeds. Speak or act with a pure mind and happiness will …