Daniel Craig

The Men Who Would Be Bond

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EntertainmentIn my review for the latest James Bond spectacle, Skyfall, I celebrate the fact that after a couple of dark, moody outings, the Bond Franchise is finally rediscovering its fun side. After all, it was Commander Bond’s casual combination of flippant humor and deadly force that made him irresistable—a quality that all too many would-be imitators discovered all too late. Over the past five decades, lots of dashing actors have aspired to follow in James Bond’s dapper Church slip-on shoes …

James Bond – And My First Kiss

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EntertainmentIt was summer, we were at camp, and Karen was willing. Starting when I was 10, I had seen every James Bond movie, so I knew how to kiss and how to handle women. You brought her face to yours. You inhaled deeply – since you wouldn’t have a chance to breathe for a while – then you went for the kill, uh, kiss. I’m not sure I drew blood in those first few sessions, but I must have startled …