Dating After 50: Stop Looking for the Wrong Person

Posted on 01/31/2014 by |Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & FashionI know a lot of men and women over 50 who are looking for love . . . in all the wrong places. It’s not that they’re sidestepping some of the great new ways to meet new people, like online. And, they’re definitely putting themselves out there more to spread the net a bit wider. No, the problem runs much deeper. According to Bobbi Palmer, the dating expert I recently interviewed, it seems that too many of us hold on …

Dealing with COPD and Dating

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RelationshipsQ: I just turned 60, have been divorced for seven years and have not dated anyone. I am really lonely. I work full time and have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which sometimes requires me to use oxygen. I am scared and embarrassed about possibly having to use oxygen on a date. Since being diagnosed, I have lost all my self-confidence.  How might I start the dating process? If think if I put my COPD out there, I won’t be …