David Bowie

The New Dr. Seuss … Keith Richards?

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Bulletin Today | EntertainmentWho put the first paintbrush in the hands of Leonardo da Vinci? The stylus in the hands of Auguste Rodin? The guitar in the hands of Keith Richards? We may never know the first two. But with the news that Richards will publish a children’s book about his first guitar on September 9, we can pinpoint the third: It was Theodore Augustus Dupree, Richards’s maternal grandfather. The culture-shaping moment when that handoff occurred will now be captured by Richards in …

Ground Control to Commander Chris Hadfield: ‘Hallo Spaceboy’

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyHe’s an astronaut, and a rock star. As Commander Chris Hadfield, 53, heads back home from the International Space Station, his video of David Bowie’s Space Oddity is trending on YouTube and approaching 2 million views exceeding 10 million views in just a couple of days. It’s being called the first music video recorded in space. Bowie himself is tickled pink, tweeting ‘Hallo Spaceboy’ to the astronaut in honor of another celestial Bowie tune. Hadfield is using his new status as a …