Davy Jones

One Less Monkee Makes Me Sad

Posted on 02/29/2012 by |Home & Family blogger | Comments

EntertainmentOne of my earliest TV memories is watching The Monkees in reruns. I wanted to have friends push me in my bed into a city street. Thought that would be fun. So here I am 40 and extremely saddened by the death of Davy Jones. Why? I don’t know. (Catch this fab interview he did with AARP this past December) Perhaps it’s because my friends and I locked arms and walked like they did, crossing each others’ stride. Maybe it’s …

Why the Monkees Still Matter

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Entertainment(NOTE: This post is from June of 2011, when the late Davey Jones was still very much a Monkee) I’ve just gotten in from the Wolf Trap amphitheater where, for all I know, a couple of thousand middle-age women, their daughters, and their granddaughters are still standing, screaming, and begging for Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones to return to the big stage for just one more rendition of Pleasant Valley Sunday. Or maybe Last Train to Clarksville. Or …