de-aging your neck and chest

The DIY Facelift on Your Bathroom Shelf

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Beauty & FashionDid she or didn’t she? I love the way Bo Derek, 56 and Lauren Hutton, 69 are aging but I actually have no idea what these former sun tanners do to look so amazing. We all have friends, colleagues and neighbors who look suspiciously good these days too. Is it a facelift? Lasers? Fillers? Maybe, but the real secret might be retinol — the non prescription alternative to Rx Retin-A.  I know what you’re thinking; lots of us still have …

3 Pieces of Jewelry That Make You Look Younger

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Beauty & FashionNo, de-aging jewelry is not a pierced belly button ring or a nose stud. That looks like you’re trying too hard. It’s certainly not a watch since everyone n0w checks the time on their phone.  Your everyday jewelry at 50 is probably a mash-up of real and fake selected by habit, emotional memories or a random just-throw-it-on attitude.   Time for a rethink. I know you’re picky about everything from wrinkle cream to heels that won’t kill your feet so why …

Makeover Your Cleavage!

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Beauty & FashionJane does it. So do Meryl and Rita. Some women just know how to work a V-neck! Why hide in turtlenecks all winter when V’s emphasize your shoulders (balancing your hips of course), whittle your waist (hello, illusion) and make your neck look longer and more elegant too? The only possible excuse is what female dermatologists now call “dirty chest.” Before you get all fired up and indignant, take a good look. Do you see a decolletage covered in brown …