6 Things to Watch in Congress

Members of Congress are back in Washington with an agenda full of items important to older Americans. Here’s a rundown: Debt ceiling and federal budget. Two deadlines loom here. The federal government will run out of borrowing authority if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling by Feb. 7. Although Capitol Hill lawmakers negotiated a budget deal in December that set overall spending, they must pass a bill with more specifics by Jan. 15. Each time budget deadlines hit, some lawmakers …

Social Security Enters the Debt-Ceiling Fray

There’s a lot on the line in the showdown over raising the federal debt ceiling – including, President Barack Obama says, retirement and disability benefits for millions of Americans. The nation’s economic situation could go from bad to worse if Congress fails to increase the government’s borrowing authority by the Oct. 17 deadline, according to Obama. “In a government shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time; in an economic shutdown – if we don’t raise the debt ceiling …

Victory, thanks to you!

Thanks to the hard work of AARP members around the country, Social Security and Medicare benefits were protected from cuts in the debt ceiling vote. AARP members flooded the White House and the halls of Congress with over 944,000 calls and emails, and it was clear that your voices were heard. The House and Senate agreed to raise the debt ceiling – without any cuts to the Social Security and Medicare benefits you’ve worked your whole lives for. We’re relieved that …

The Takeaway: What Dad Wants in a Nursing Home; Debt Deal: Hip-Hop Style

When it comes to “home away from home,” men are left behind. In her search for the perfect rehab for her father, Pam Gerhardt found that many assisted living facilities often forget about the other half. It’s hard enough getting your stubborn “still-young-at-heart” dad to agree to go to a home. So when he gets there, he should feel comfortable, right? 

The Takeaway: Grandparents Are Safer Drivers; Suicide, Women Over 50

Want to keep your kids safe in the car? Make sure Nana’s behind the wheel. When children are present, grandparents are better drivers than Mom and Dad, a new study says.

The Takeaway: Americans Are Fed Up; Recession Rages; Salmonella Outbreak

Don’t mean to start the morning on a low note, but the numbers don’t lie. The recession rages and long-term unemployment rates are still high. As the country focuses on the very important issue of the debt ceiling (here’s an update), many segments of the population are asking,” Hey, remember us?”