ID Theft in the Afterlife

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsTo protect against identity theft, you should never share too much about yourself on social media. But once you die, those accounts can pose new problems – beyond the heartbreaking reminders that come with “friend” requests made from the deceased, often through automated programs or a hacker’s ingenuity. Each year, the identities of some 2.5 million deceased Americans are used to fraudulently open credit card accounts, apply for loans, or get cellphone or other services. Each day roughly 2,200 dead people …

Where There’s a Will There Isn’t Always a Way

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Bulletin TodayMost lawyers say, emphatically, that all older Americans — heck, all Americans, period — should have a will. But let’s face it: Even by the time they die, most people haven’t accumulated much in terms of an estate. So why do lawyers say a will is so important? Well, because a properly executed will helps survivors know what a deceased person wanted to do with his or her assets. Except when it doesn’t. Lack of clarity is especially a problem …