Can Flossing Protect You From Alzheimer’s?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAll those times the dentist nagged you to floss more? Maybe this will convince you to try harder. A new British study suggests that the bacteria from gum disease contributes to Alzheimer’s disease. First, some caveats: It was a small study — just 10 brain samples from people who died of Alzheimer’s, compared with 10 samples from people who died from other causes not dementia-related. Related: Blood Pressure Meds May Be Boosting Brain Power Also, the study, published in May …

Is Your Dentist Safe? 5 Steps You Can Take

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthFew people like going to the dentist, even if those tooth-yankers do rate highly for honesty and ethics. At my most recent visit, I got a referral to the gum specialist … again. Painful memories have slowed me from making the call, but healthy choppers are important, so I know I will. But thousands of dental patients in the Tulsa, Okla., area have a new reason to fear the chair: their dentist might have given them hepatitis B or C, …

Dental X-Rays: Do They Increase Brain Tumor Risk?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAs if going to the dentist wasn’t painful enough, a new study from Yale suggests a link between frequent dental X-rays and a type of brain tumor. The study, published this week in the journal Cancer, shows that people who have had frequent dental X-rays are more likely to develop a common brain tumor called meningioma than those who have not, according to In particular, older patients, who have had higher-radiation X-rays in the past, may be at increased …