Get Ready for Medicare Price Cuts on Medical Supplies

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthStarting Monday, July 1, a new Medicare competitive-bidding program will mean lower costs for the more than 15 million beneficiaries who order diabetes supplies and other medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, hospital beds and walkers. This will especially affect those who receive their diabetic testing strips and lancets by mail — about 50 to 60 percent of diabetic patients, according to the New York Times. The competitive-bidding program — the official mouthful is Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies …

5 Things Caregivers Must Know About Diabetes

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CaregivingWith a U.S. diabetic population of 26.9% age 65+, or 10.9 million, caregivers must be careful observers. If your parent or spouse has diabetes and is over age 65, read on. Their condition is unique to their age, but it’s not always treated that way. “Geriatric diabetes is not as well understood as it is for the pediatric population. Treating a 40-year-old the same way as an 80-year-old is inappropriate,” says Dr. Medha Munshi, a geriatrician and endocrinologist who runs …

Bypass Better for Diabetics With Heart Disease

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthOlder diabetics with more than one blocked artery were much less likely to die within five years or have another heart attack if they chose bypass surgery instead of stents to treat their condition, a major new study found. Researchers said the five-year study of 1,900 patients (average age: 63) with diabetes found that those who underwent bypass surgery to improve blood flow to the heart were 30 percent less likely to die or suffer a heart attack than were …