Unraveling the Mystery of Weight Loss

If you try to stay current on the latest insights on weight loss, you quickly realize how multifaceted the issue is. Like a three-dimensional kaleidoscope, the picture is constantly changing. The following items provide insight into obesity as the new social norm, the impact of yo-yo dieting, one person’s 300-pound weight loss and the surprising success of virtual weight-loss programs:

The Takeaway: Strict Diet Keeps Brain Young; Boomer Kids Outsaving Parents

Forget young at heart"”eating less could keep you young of mind, and Italian scientists now think they know why. And are the children of boomers"”members of Generations X and Y"”better at saving for retirement than their parents?

The Takeaway: Do Morning Snacks Ruin Weight Loss?; Aging Out Of Health Care

Reason For Snacking-Not Timing-Matters Most: It’s 10 a.m. Breakfast was three hours ago. Lunch isn’t for another two. But your stomach is growling. Time for a mid-morning snack? Sure!-if you want to undermine your diet, researchers say. A 12-month study of women dieters ages 50-75, published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, found those who avoided mid-morning snacks lost a greater percentage of their body weight than their snacking counterparts-11 percent on average, versus 7 percent. But I’d …

The Takeaway: Why Diets Fail (The ‘Blame Your Hormones’ Edition); Financial Strategies for Supporting Aging Parents

Hunger hormones may refuse to return to normal for up to a year after dieting. And what's the best way for boomers to provide financial support to aging parents?

And The Winner of “Best Diet” Is… (You’ll Be Surprised)

Ever heard of the DASH diet? A new ranking of major diet plans says the government-developed DASH plan is the best overall whether your goal is weight loss, controlling diabetes or staying heart-healthy. U.S. News and World Reports, the news magazine better known for its annual college rankings, this week issued its first-ever ranking of 20 popular diet programs based on the recommendations of a panel of 22 health experts. The panel gave top marks to Weight Watchers as the …

Counting Calories, But Not For That Margarita

McDonald’s may soon have to post how many calories are in a Big Mac and fries under the government’s new proposed guidelines, but it looks like the popcorn at your local movie theater is off the hook. And so are the alcoholic drinks at your favorite Applebee’s or Olive Garden. Evidently, calorie counting comes to a halt when it’s booze or the stuff you munch while watching “The King’s Speech.” Under the proposed menu labeling rules, you won’t know that …