Divorced Parents May Double the Demands on Caregiving Children

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Bulletin TodayInstead of leaning on each other in their golden years, divorced parents may lean more heavily on grown children for care and support. Experts say adults whose parents are divorced should be prepared for the extra time and financial demands that aging and unmarried parents could require.

Marriage Makes Women Drink More, Men Less

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthMarriage seems to have a sobering effect on men, but it’s the opposite with women — they drink more, new research shows. Researchers with the University of Cincinnati report that married women drink more than long-term divorced or recently widowed women. Married men, however, drink less than divorced men. The findings, say some sociological experts, could indicate the stresses in long-term marriages — not surprising, considering the spike in the divorce rate among those over age 50. Lead researcher Corinne …

Divorce and Caregiving: A Complicated Relationship

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CaregivingDivorce can complicate caregiving, especially for adult children and stepchildren. Taking care of divorced parents — ugh, potentially multiple sets of parents, in-laws, and their spouses, along with dealing with siblings, stepkids, half siblings, or stepsiblings — can be a challenge. Combine “too many cooks in the kitchen” with “so much to do, so little time!” And then there are the slews of divorced caregivers who will require help themselves in the future. Today, one out of every three boomers is …

Judith Wallerstein: She Helped Parents and Children Through the Pain of Divorce

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LegacyUnless you have a degree in psychology or counseling, chance are you’ve never heard of Judith Wallerstein. But it’s a measure of Wallerstein’s impact on the world that you know all about her one big discovery, which is that when parents divorce, it has a profoundly painful and long-lasting emotional impact on their children, even into adulthood. To be sure, the notion that divorce might be harmful to children didn’t originate with Wallerstein, as anyone who’s ever heard the phrase …

No Country for Cold Men

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RelationshipsQ: My husband, who is from a country in Africa, travels there often for business. He has permanent United States resident status. But when he was suppose to come home for Christmas last year he sent an e-mail stating that while he appreciated the time we have spent together, four and a half years of marriage, he was “discontinuing this relationship.” He never answered my phone calls or replied to my e-mails. And he did this while his mother was visiting …

Internet Porn Is Ruining My Marriage of 59 Years

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RelationshipsQ: My wife and I met as freshmen in college and have been married 59 years. Family emergencies, health issues, my obesity and low physical arousal response had rendered our sex life almost nonexistent, but I viewed us as committed. However, I grew increasing drawn to Internet porn, usually as a distraction to other responsibilities. When my wife caught me she felt deeply betrayed and views it as infidelity. We live together but have been estranged since November. My only …