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How to Keep Track of What Your Doctor Said

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthBy Susan Jaffe, Kaiser Health News. Story produced in collaboration with USA Today It used to be difficult for Edith Couturier, an 85-year-old resident of the District of Columbia, to explain to her adult children on the West Coast all the details of her medical appointments. But now she doesn’t go alone — she takes along a volunteer “medical note-taker.” “There are four ears listening to what the doctor says,” Couturier says. That second set of ears belongs to Sharon Wolozin, …

What Did Your Doctor Ask You? Not Much, Says Poll

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthDoctors are falling short in the primary care they offer Americans age 65 and older, says a new poll. This is not about expensive medical procedures — just some basic questions and interventions that could protect against future health problems as we age. The new survey, from the John H. Hartford Foundation, looked at whether seniors had received seven services that would support “healthy aging.” The seven included: an annual medication review, a falls risk assessment and history, depression screening, …