Who Knows All, Sees All, (and Now) Tells All? Your Dog

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthResearchers at Newcastle University in England are onto something big: Your dog may know lots more about how you’re feeling — and about how you’re doing generally — that anyone has heretofore believed. Except maybe you. Using high-tech movement sensors, the researchers tracked the behavior of 17 types of canine companions — from mutts and miniature Jack Russell Terriers to Labrador Retrievers and Great Danes — both at home and out and about. They did this by attaching “a wearable …

11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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11 Things | Bulletin TodayNews, discoveries and fun …   1. Dr. Phil has a $65,000 “fountain of youth” pod — reportedly one of only 16 in the world — in his house. (Learn more at AARP) 2.Passengers and crew members on a flight diverted to Newfoundland on Sept. 11, 2001, have helped send to college more than 130 students from Lewisporte, the tiny Canadian town that took in the flight members. (Learn more at AARP) 3. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have …

Grieving for Pets and Humans: Which Hurts More?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThe day after my mother died, an acquaintance earnestly told me, “I know just how you feel. My beloved dog passed away last month.” I admit I was insulted. I know she was trying to be empathetic, but really, how can grief over a pet be the same as grief over a parent? But perhaps I was wrong. Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan wrote a moving story this week about his grief over the death of his dog, Red, compared to …

Sleep On It

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Your LifeThis dog takes sleepwalking to the next level.