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Going the Extra Inch in Life Can Make All the Difference!

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Your LifeAs I left my house last Thursday, I passed this cute little creature on the sidewalk, happily making his way to the other side with so much energy and enthusiasm. On the return trip back to the house, I once again came upon this little fella and was saddened to see he did not complete his (or her) journey. The destination had obviously been the green luscious grass, where I’m sure the worm would have lived happily ever after in …

The Importance of Being Unselfish

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Your LifeAs SJ started his senior year this past week, Michael had his first preseason game, and Collins had us all doing ten different things in four different directions, I was thinking about the events of the summer. Some made me laugh; many made me realize there is work to be done in several areas and so on and so forth. One that made me laugh out loud was the day I received a call from a friend of mine who lives in …

Little Things Add Up

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VolunteeringA young girl starts vegetable gardens to help feed the homeless.