Style Knows No Size — or Age

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Beauty & FashionAre boomer babes having a “Confidence Crisis”? I ask you that because it seems like we’re not so in love with our bodies these days. Even the peppiest kale-munching yoga practitioner among us can be heard whining about her saggy boobs, loose thighs and tummy bulge. And whether you’re a size 4 or 14, shopping for fall clothes only amplifies the angst. So before you take refuge in that security blanket known as “Old Sweatpants and a Big Tee,” try …

5 Smart (and Womanly) Buys for Fall

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Beauty & FashionAm I the only one who witnessed Sharon Stone coming out this spring? Not sexually, mind you, but chronologically. Stone has been something of a refusenik when it comes to aging, so I smiled to myself when she told Shape magazine, “I’m not trying to make myself look like a girl because I’m not a girl anymore.” And I positively cheered when Stone went on to report that she’s “very happy” about being a grown woman: “I think there’s a …

How to Survive a Summer Wedding

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Beauty & FashionAn outdoor wedding — on a beach, in a garden — sounds tantalizing when we first RSVP. But then we recall the likely gate-crashers: Steamy weather. Sweat. Hot flashes. Hormonal bloat. Relax and sip a glass of ice water with lemon, for we’ve devised a three-step survival plan: Panic-proof with primers. Like Spanx for your face, a primer smooths out flaws and holds your makeup in place, letting you say goodbye to those hot-mess days. Face primer follows moisturizer; eye …