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GPS Systems Track Loved Ones on Road Trips

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Home & FamilyRecently, 81-year-old Goldie Hunt and her husband, Vernon Hunt, 91, were reported missing after they set out on a 500-mile car trip from Garnet, Kansas to visit Goldie’s twin sister in Dwight, Ill. The alarming story thankfully came to a happy ending several days later when they were spotted by a law enforcement officer as they asked for directions in Michigan. The Hunts’ experience reminds me of a heartbreaking story several years ago 0f a Pennsylvania couple, William Fresch, 85, and his …

How Is This Not Already A Law?

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TechnologyA rash of mass transit accidents involving drivers who were text messaging has led to support for a ban on the practice.

News To Know: Older Driver Truth vs. Fiction

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Your LifeStatistics from the AAA dispute the view that older drivers are more dangerous than other age groups.

News To Know: On The Road Again

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Home & FamilyIt is important to allow drivers to stay on the road for as long as they can safely manage driving. Once drivers give up the keys, many suffer from a lack of transportation alternatives.