Too Old to Drive? Depends on Which State You Live In

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Bulletin TodayA recent string of high-profile accidents involving older drivers has stirred up the decades-old debate: How old is too old to drive? Of course there’s no definitive answer — it depends on how physically and cognitively healthy someone remains. But it also depends on where you live: An Associated Press review found a “hodgepodge” of state rules governing older drivers.

Survey Finds Auto Insurance Rates Higher for Low-Income Drivers

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsYou may be a good driver but if you live in a moderate- or low-income neighborhood, you’re probably paying higher auto insurance rates than people who live in upscale parts of town, as much as $1,500 just for minimal liability coverage. Those are the disturbing findings of a new survey of four of the largest auto insurers in 15 cities. Between them, the companies hold half of all policies in the country. The Consumer Federation of America went to the websites …

Having “The Talk” About Driving with My Dad

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CaregivingDad was “The Man” behind the wheel. From his first Model T that he and his college buddies fixed up in the 1940s to the “ooze-mobile,” which I used to call his big white Oldsmobile that hit the pavement like butter, he enjoyed almost 80 years of driving. He was like a race car driver when he whipped around the hills of Athens County, Ohio in our family Chevy Corvair. In 1989, Mom had a stroke and couldn’t drive anymore so Dad became her trusted …

Volunteers Don’t Drive #TinyCars, They Don’t Deserve a Tiny Tax Rate.

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VolunteeringOur friends at VolunteerSpot have a brand new campaign everyone should hitch a ride to, #TinyCars!  Honor volunteers this tax season (and show them some love this February) by spreading the word that volunteers don’t deserve a tiny 14 cent tax rate. A little background, Congress set the current 14 cent charitable mileage rate in 1997 when gas cost just $1.30/gallon; unfortunately, it has remained the same since then, while in contrast, the 2011 business rate was set at 55.5 cents for the …

The Caffeine Nap: For Drowsy Drivers, Coffee Then Sleep

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthSo you’re driving to some far-flung relative’s home for the holidays and halfway there you start feeling sleepy. Do you pull over for some coffee? Pull over and take a short nap? Actually, the best thing to do is do both — but not in the order you’d think. Scientists call it “the caffeine nap,” because first you have some coffee and then you take a 15-minute nap. It works because the brain gets just enough rest during the time …

The Takeaway: Life Expectancy; Public Transportation

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Bulletin TodayUpdated: Want to know how long you’ll live? Check a map: “Life expectancy in most U.S. counties lags behind that of the world’s healthiest nations, in some cases by 50 years or more, according to a new analysis of government data.” Older people face public transportation crisis. For members of a generation who built a staunch reputation for active living and independence, the day one has to stop driving is hard.