How high are your prescription drug costs?

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Personal HealthDo you get the feeling your prescription drugs are more expensive than they were just a few years ago? It sort of goes with out saying that everyone always feels that way. But here are some numbers: A new prescription drug report out from the AARP Public Policy Institute show that the cost of drugs most commonly used by Medicare recipients rose nearly double the rate of inflation between 2005 to 2009. So the average cost of such a therapy …

Drug Take Back Day

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Personal HealthIt’s that time of year again; here on the East Coast, we’re unpacking our sweaters, and doing a quick inventory of summer, a sort of fall cleaning. Do you do do a seasonal survey of your closet? Maybe, in addition to that home cleaning, you should take a peek in that medicine cabinet of yours. October 29th is Drug Take Back Day. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency will be collecting unneeded and expired medicines. Do you hold on to prescriptions …

The Takeaway: Workers Upping 401(k) Savings; Anti-Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Promise

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Bulletin TodaySavings Up, Market Down: Workers are putting more money into 401(k) retirement savings accounts, the stagnant economy notwithstanding. A recent survey from Mercer Workplace found 41 percent of 401(k) holders had increased contributions to their plans in the previous year (up from 31 percent in 2010). Participants also took a more active role in managing their plans’ stock portfolios, with 40 percent having reallocated their existing portfolios that year. And a greater number said they plan to contribute the maximum …

You Did WHAT With Your Meds? Tips for Traveling With Medication

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIf you packed your  suitcase with the medicine you need, put the suitcase in the trunk of your car, and then drove several hours in beastly hot weather – don’t be surprised if none of your drugs work while you’re on vacation. Medications don’t do any better in sweltering summer weather than you do. Extreme temperatures — whether in the trunk of your car, in a plane’s cargo hold, even in your mailbox — can cause medicine to become ineffective. …

The Takeaway: Sleep Apnea-Dementia Linked; Gambling Addiction; How’s Your Sex Life?

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Bulletin TodayIs mom getting a good night’s rest? A new study published in today’s Journal of the American Medical Association links dementia in older women to sleep apnea, a condition that causes people to stop breathing – for a short period – as they sleep. Researchers focused on women, average age 82, with various sleeping disorders, including apnea. They found those women “were much more likely than those with normal sleep habits to develop cognition problems within five years.”

Can painkillers increase the risk of hearing loss?

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Personal HealthI’ve never heard that one before. But it may be a reality, according to new research just published in the American Journal of Medicine. The LA Times covers these new findings that the use of aspirin, acetaminophen and other analgesics can potentially double the risk of hearing loss: Researchers reported recently in the American Journal of Medicine that use of acetaminophen more than twice a week by such men doubles the risk of hearing loss, use of ibuprofen and related …