Sprouts Are Out: Kroger Stops Selling Them Due to Health Risk

So tiny, yet so deadly. That’s the verdict on raw sprouts – from the mung bean sprouts used in Chinese stir-fry dishes to the threadlike alfalfa or clover sprouts often added to sandwiches -which have caused dozens of food poisoning outbreaks in the past two decades. The government’s been trying for 14 years to get growers to do a better job of reducing contamination, but hasn’t been too successful. So finally, retailers are just deciding not to sell the teeny …

In The Raw: The Culprit In Cookie Dough Contamination

Holiday baking is in full force, but don’t be tempted to nibble on that raw cookie dough. Especially you, ladies. Two years ago, eating Nestle Toll House raw cookie dough sickened 77 people in 30 states, most of them women and adolescent girls. It was the first time packaged cookie dough had ever caused food poisoning. Now a lengthy investigation into that outbreak has found a likely — and surprising — culprit: The flour. After Nestle recalled 3.6 million packages …

The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

Watch your step: The bathroom is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous rooms in your house. A recent CDC report looked at bathroom-related injuries in 1998. Every day that year about 640 people were treated in emergency departments for fractures and cuts related to falls. Highlights: Women were hurt more than men; the highest number of injuries were among adults older than age 65. The report is significant because it’s the first to not only measure the number of …

The Raw Truth About E. Coli In Veggies

The devastating outbreak of E. coli poisoning in Germany – now traced to bean sprouts – is particularly frightening because the deadly new strain is extremely hard to treat. So far 31 have died and more than 700 are in intensive care, including three Americans who had recently visited Germany. The virulent new form of E. coli afflicts the kidneys, blood and central nervous system, resulting in a devastating, potentially life-threatening illness with a high probability of lifelong complications.

The Takeaway: E. coli; Vaccines; Heat Wave; Poorer Than Our Parents?

Germany expecting more E.coli deaths: The E. coli outbreak that has killed 24 people continues to mystify health experts – and the source has yet to be pinned down.