How to Keep Peace at Family Gatherings

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RelationshipsWe’re all familiar with the scene, especially after the Passover and Easter holidays. The extended family sits down to dinner and a grandchild starts whining that he’s not hungry or eats the mashed potatoes with her hands or takes a dive under the table. As grandparents, we’re tempted to take charge and correct the behavior, but the wisest among us won’t say a word. Still, we don’t have to feel relegated to watching the gathering descend into chaos, says Melinda Blau, …

Easter Decoration Ideas: Turn Eggshells Into Candles

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Money & SavingsHere’s a nifty decorating and gift idea just in time for Easter.  It’s a daily double – or can even be a trifecta – of creative repurposing, since you can reuse not one, but two or even three items you normally throw away! Here’s how to make these adorable Easter eggshell candles: 1. Use a paring knife to carefully cut just the top off a raw egg, like shown.  (Of course you’ll want to use the egg yolk and white …

Easter Springs a Renewal of Hope

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Your LifeA shiny new pair of shoes, a hot cross bun, hiding colorful eggs, the big furry white bunny, the resurrection, a basket full of candy….What does Easter mean to you? Obviously, as we pass through different phases of life it means different things. As I am now 51 years old, which means I have completed several life phases, it is none of the above. It is more than something that is tangible. It is hope. Hope is a powerful thing. …