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Health News Today

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Personal HealthToday an article in the Washington Post’s Health column takes a look at a recent study published in the journal “Circulation” that shows that people with a more positive outlook on life tend to be healthier than their “pessimistic counterparts.” Specifically, the study found that optimists are 9 percent less likely to develop heart disease and 14 percent less likely to die from any cause. The columnist even points out that sure, wealthier, more educated, more in shape people probably …

Friday News: Financial Planning, and More Calorie Talk

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Bulletin hosted a live online chat with their personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary yesterday, and she discussed topics from budgeting to retirement planning to simply how to discuss money with a loved one. She even touted what a great resource is for retirement planning tools. Check out the full transcript here to see what she had to say about a wide range of finance topics – she’s bound to have given advice on whatever you’re worried about financially. And …

A Note On Nutrition

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Personal HealthA neat video on eating right as you age.