The #1 Topic to Talk About After 50 (Even If They Say We Shouldn’t!)

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Beauty & FashionOkay, I know that money is one of those topics we’re not supposed to discuss at cocktail parties (along with religion and politics and so on and so forth) … but … we’re not at a cocktail party. We’re in real life. Midlife, in fact. And we need money. If you don’t have a plan… it’s time to think about creating one.  We don’t want to be in our 50s, 60s and beyond without enough money to take care of ourselves. Where to start? First, understand …

Boomer Suicides Soar: Is the Economy to Blame?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWas it because of the devastating economic recession of the past decade, or the widespread mortgage crisis? Or maybe it was due to the abuse of prescription painkillers like OxyContin, or the pressure of being the “sandwich generation”? There are plenty of theories for why new government figures show the suicide rate for middle-aged Americans — adults ages 35 to 64 — jumped nearly 30 percent between 1999 and 2010. The increase was even higher — a 40 percent rise …

Who Still Sees US as World’s Top Economic Power?

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Bulletin TodayMost Americans aren’t too bullish anymore on the notion that the United States is the world’s leading economy. The exception, according to a new Gallup Poll, are Americans 65 and older. For the third year in a row, a slim majority of Americans — 53 percent — say that China is the world’s top economic power in the world today, compared with just 32 percent for the United States. (Relatively few respondents in the poll named other countries.) Americans under …

More Jobs Being Filled By People Switching Careers

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Bulletin Today | WorkOver half of all recent job openings were filled by people who didn’t previously work in that industry or occupation, according to a new analysis. With unemployment high and many older adults looking for “encore careers,” this news is an encouraging sign that switching careers is possible these days.

In St. Louis, Older Voters See Two Big Problems: The Economy, and Politicians

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsSusan Milligan has been visiting six Election 2012 battleground states to talk with 50-plus voters for a report that will be published in the September issue of the AARP Bulletin. She posted this from Missouri. There’s a lot of dissension around the table at the OASIS center in St. Louis, a place where people 50 and older volunteer to tutor children and help them learn the importance of healthy living. Some of the OASIS volunteers like President Obama; others like …

The Takeaway: ‘Boomerang’ Kids Aren’t Slackers, They Just Face New Route to Adulthood

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Bulletin TodayFor young adults, could moving back in with mom and dad be a good career move? That’s the argument from Washington Post writer Steven Mintz, who calls for an end to the idea that 20-somethings living with parents (the so-called “boomerang” kids, who fly from the next only to come crashing back in again) are only doing it for the free laundry.