Soccer: The Gift From a Younger Generation

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Your LifeA crowd of several hundred people has gathered in a town square between a church and a school in the colonial city of Cuenca, Ecuador, where our family is vacationing. The World Cup has brought them together to follow the fate of their national team, competing in Brazil. Ecuador scores to even the game, and the crowd goes wild. I turn to look at my daughter, who’s the reason I know anything at all about this great sport. She was just …

Los países más felices del mundo están en América Latina

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En EspañolNueve de los 10 países más optimistas del mundo están en América Latina, según una nueva encuesta de la consultora Gallup, que establece el Índice de Experiencias Positivas, en la cual se le pregunta a la gente cómo vive y qué expectativas tiene para el futuro. “A pesar de los conflictos y los trastornos que dominan gran parte de las noticias, la gente en todo el mundo experimenta muchas emociones positivas”, concluye Gallup. La buena noticia es que Latinoamérica ocupa …

Cotacachi, Ecuador: Paradise at the End of the Rainbow

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TravelOn a hill above Cotacachi, at a bend in the road overlooking an impossibly green valley, someone has painted a sign on a post. It says “Dios esta aqui.” God is here. No matter what your religious beliefs, this place makes you believe in a higher power. This is the Andes, where magical things happen. And this is where I live. On the day of the summer solstice, not one… but two… rainbows appeared in the sky, one above the …

Welcome to a New Year of Possibilities

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Your LifeAs the clocked ticked its way from 2012 to 2013, we gathered around the bonfire and ceremoniously offered our human-size effigy to the flames. That’s the Año Viejo (or “Old Year”) tradition here in Ecuador, and one worth adopting no matter where you live. As way of saying good riddance to life’s nuisances and bad habits, in the final days of the year, you pull out your old clothes and stuff them with newspaper or twigs. You can make you …

If I Retire Abroad, How Do I Pick Where to Live?

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TravelMy husband, Dan, and I will soon celebrate 11 years of living the expat life. We’ve lived in seven different locations (in Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Ecuador) and spent a considerable amount of time in many, many more – especially Belize and Costa Rica. Believe me, we’ve learned a lot in the past decade! Importantly, we’ve learned that it’s impossible to compare and contrast the merits or disadvantages of entire countries. And if you’re thinking about retiring to a foreign …

If I Go Abroad, What Happens to My Medicare?

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Money & Savings | TravelNo matter what happens this November or in the four years that follow, one thing is for sure: your Medicare coverage won’t be going with you should you decide to retire overseas. Luckily, though, there are many countries where, as a legal resident, you can qualify for a local health care plan that’s often even more comprehensive and less costly than Medicare. Here’s what you need to know:
 Medicare doesn’t normally cover health care costs outside the U.S. (And the government’s definition …