The Takeaway: Ivy League Janitor Graduates

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Bulletin TodayGac Filipaj, 52, has worked as a janitor at Columbia University for X years. During this time, Filipaj—a refugee from war-torn Yugoslavia—took advantage of the free classes offered to employees to first learn English and then earn a bachelor’s degree in classics.

Sorry Avengers, but Mom Is my Real Super Hero

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Your LifeSpring 2012 started with a fever for big blockbuster movies full of superheroes saving the world from alien invaders. However, as fascinating these characters can be, the title ‘hero’ for me can only bring one person to mind: my mother. Sorry guys, but The Hulk, Iron Man, Capitan America and their gang have nothing on a woman who migrated from Cuba, learned English as her second language, was the first in our family to graduate from college and became an …

Higher Ed and a Girl’s Chance for Romance

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Home & FamilyWhen I was a sweet young thing (well, maybe not so sweet) my parents encouraged me to go to college so that I could always have a “fall-back position.” They saw it as insurance for survival but they were worried: Would a man want me if I had so much education? They had reason to worry.

Take Advantage of Medicare’s Preventive Benefits – Webinar

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Personal HealthThe following is a guest post from Nicole Duritz, Vice President, Health, AARP Education & Outreach Staying Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Hard Take Advantage of Medicare’s Preventive Benefits By Nicole Duritz, Vice President, Health, AARP Education & Outreach “Stay away from sugar and salt.” “Get moving.” “Do this, don’t do that.” Ever feel bombarded by all of the health tips out there? I know I have sometimes. But taking care of your health does not need to be complicated. One …

4 Areas Where Latinos Can Step Up their Community Service

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VolunteeringFamily means the world to Latinos. Many of us dedicate our lives to care and provide for our loved ones. But we also realize that our responsibilities do not end there. As conscientious members of society, we care about providing aid to our “extended families,” such as our neighbors, fellow churchgoers and friends. At AARP we believe there’s nothing better than going the extra mile for those in need – because compartir es vivir (sharing equals living). Learn about four …

Education Knows No Age

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Your LifeHey blog readers! Jenn here from the AARP Communications team – sharing the story of one of our volunteers Zig Sokolnicki. He gave the commencement speech this past weekend in Chicago to a group of students at Wilbur Wright College. Eleven Gerontology students completed the Basic Gerontology Certification. As Zig’s speech proves – you’re always young enough to learn something new! Are you interested in becoming an AARP Illinois Volunteer? We’ve got lots of opportunities to fit your skills. From …