Where’s Alan? I’m in the Picture With JFK

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Your Lifeby Alan Moll Nov. 22, 1963 I was in a hospital bed in Bridgeport, Conn., recovering from morning surgery. Still in a stupor from the effects of the anesthesia, I heard my mother crying and then opened my eyes to see her crying, then my father with his hand gripping mine and crying as well. There was my sister with teary eyes too. My baby brother was too young to be in a hospital. A nurse who was inconsolable and shrieking aloud stood at …

Could Virginia’s Voter ID Law Swing an Election?

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Bulletin TodayYou’ve probably read about the problems that many voters — especially older voters — have encountered under voter ID laws, many of which are relatively new. (There was the recent case, for example, of former House Speaker Jim Wright being turned away because, at 90, he didn’t have a valid driver’s license.) Among those who may have to make long trips to government offices to obtain voter ID cards are people without driver’s licenses (which, like Wright, many older Americans may no …

AARP Voters’ Guides Are Here!

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Your LifeHello, readers! It’s Allie the intern here this week, talking to you about the upcoming election and how the AARP Voters’ Guides can help you research your candidates. Don’t forget to register and vote! Like many voters, you may be wondering who to vote for. Perhaps you’ve made up your mind on your Presidential pick, but local elections? Candidate information may be hard to find. But never fear – AARP Voters’ Guides are here! These handy non-partisan guides give you …

I Am the Alzheimer’s Party

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Personal HealthThe Alzheimer’s Party. Haven’t heard of it?  Well, you ought to familiarize yourself with it; there is an election in less than three months and our existence may well depend on it. Is Alzheimer’s an atom bomb that will destroy us? Well, in a way, yes. And this is our chance to disarm it. Together, those with Alzheimer’s and those who care for them are a party of 20 million strong.  As the Alzheimer’s Party, we cannot be ignored. Are you older than …

How will boomers’ economic anxiety affect their vote?

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PoliticsIt’s August. Your thermostat has likely cracked 100 degrees. But hopefully, you’re on vacation with your families or watching the Olympics (Go USA!!) in a cool place with a cold beverage in hand. And I bet that if you live in a battleground state, there’s something else you want a vacation from: the endless parade of political ads between now and November 6th. Most candidates seem too busy beating up one another to tell us where they really stand on …

Tuesday Tech: Election Electronics

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Technology(via styro) While we can’t vote online yet, and we’re still getting used to electronic voting machines, there are plenty of webby, nerdy resources to help you choose your vote, find your polling place, or… even figure out what your state’s race is looking like. What do I mean by that? Google put up a sweet map that uses polling data to label state races: And with that, we’re all pundits! Happy Election Day.