I’ve just seen the WACKIEST political video ever

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Your LifeBut I’ve just seen what must be the WACKIEST political video I’ve EVER seen and I thought you’d get a kick out of it, too – http://www.jackphillipsforamerica.com

Do YOU know where the candidates stand?

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Your LifeEvery vote makes a difference in a critical election year like this one, and AARP wants to make sure you have the facts – before you cast your ballot.

News To Know: 50+ Voters Deliver, As Usual

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Your LifeAnalysis of the 2008 Presidential Election shows that despite the attention paid to the youngest voters, it was 50+ voters who delivered the election to President-Elect Obama.

News To Know: Back To Business

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Your LifeIn a letter to the editor of the Washington Times, AARP’s COO Tom Nelson explained the connection between rising health care costs and the failing economy.

I Voted

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Your LifeToday was such an important day in history – for so many reasons, and for so many people. I started voting as soon as I was able to: when I turned 18. Not any one candidate or issue got me fired up, it was simply an important rite of passage. To vote meant to participate in one of our greatest freedoms. Voting is perhaps the most important representation of a democracy which we are so lucky to have here in …

It’s 5:30 Somewhere!

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Your LifeThe work day is over, you’re heading home…or off to vote…or the bar…or to your brother’s mother-in-law’s house to watch all the election night hullabaloo. If you’re hosting your own party, or maybe just want to have some fun with your family, here’s a few suggestions: Real Simple has election night cocktails to celebrate the occasion and also has some food ideas as well. Make a game of Bingo! from commonly used election-related phrases from media and candidates alike! Daily …