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Google’s New Car Drives Itself Without a Steering Wheel

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Bulletin Today | Technology[View the story "Google's Car Loses the Steering Wheel and Brake Pedal" on Storify] Story summary: Google has announced that it’s going to make its own self-driving cars from scratch, rather than modify models by other manufacturers. The company is now building 100 of the newest two-seater prototypes. Top speed: 25 mph.   Also of Interest Does Google Owe You a ‘Right to Be Forgotten’? Why You Shouldn’t Drop Your Landline Just Yet Fight fraud and ID theft with the …

Stanford Ovshinsky: 5 Facts About ‘The Edison of Our Age’

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LegacyIt’s a safe bet that unless you’re a scientist or an engineer, you’ve probably never heard of Stanford Ovshinsky. And that’s a shame, because his inventions made possible a lot of the electronic gadgetry that our 21st-century high-tech world has become so dependent on. The quirky, self-taught inventor, who died on Oct. 17 in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., at age 89, was once labeled the “Edison of our age” by The Economist magazine, and for good reason. Ovshinksy held almost 700 patents, …